International Seminar on ORC Power Systems 2023 - CHECK Schedule at a Glance

Participacion for authors

You are encouraged to submit a 1-page abstract before January 15th, 2023 on any of the following topics

  • Applications and heat sources
    • Geothermal
    • Polygeneration
    • Pumped thermal energy storage
    • Waste Heat Recovery in stationary applications
    • Waste Heat Recovery in mobile applications

  • Components
    • Heat Exchangers
    • Pumps/Compressors
    • Turbines
    • Volumetric Expanders

  • Concepts
    • State-of-the-art ORC systems
    • Novel and advanced concepts
    • Thermodynamics of ORC systems (including simulation, design and optimization)

  • Educational approaches – New track in ORC2023:
    ORC2023 is opening up this new track to discuss innovative approaches to introducing ORC technology in academic curricula at under and postgraduate levels.

  • Experiments
    • Experimental facilities: lab-scale
    • Experimental facilities: pilot plants
  • Heat pumps – New track in ORC2023:
    ORC2023 is interested in exploring synergies between ORC systems for power generation and heat pumps, in the field of either energy storage or heat upgrade.
    • Heat pumps technology
    • Heat pumps application

  • Market deployment
    • Environmental life cycle assessment
    • Techno-economic assessment and business cases
    • Health and safety
    • Operation, control strategies and system integration

  • Supercritical CO2 applications and components

  • Organic working fluids
    • General
    • Zeotropic Mixtures

  • Technical industry-oriented contributions